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Can I legally use a logo from Canva? Know how.

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Can I legally use a logo from Canva? Know how.

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Can I legally use a logo from Canva? Know how.

Can I legally use a logo from Canva?

There are many questions about Canva and one of the most asked questions is “ Can I legally use a logo from Canva?” 

To put it simply, yes, you can use the Canva logo legally for your projects, website, and social media. If you intend to use a logo from the Canva template or wish to design a logo from the free content accessible in the Canva content library. 

It’s a great solution if you are looking for a quick fix. The drag-and-drop functionality of Canva makes customization simple. You can use the content from the free or paid content library to modify the logo. 

However, there are some restrictions and limitations to it that should be kept in mind while using its resources. In this blog, I’ll answer all of your questions about it.

Can I use a Canva logo for my business?

Can I legally use a logo from Canva?

People first glance at the logo, just like they do when looking at the face on an ID card before they even read your name, DOB, or any other information. Therefore, if you are going to design a logo for your organization or business, you should use your best and unique symbol to help people easily recall your brand.   

If you’ve worked so hard to establish your company’s identity, the next logical step is to file your logo for trademark protection. so that you can use your logo for your company exclusively. This means no other company or business may use that logo or a similar logo for their businesses.   

However, if you are going to design a logo for your company, bear in mind that as Canva’s logo templates are modifiable and available to everyone, Canva does not offer exclusive rights to these logos, therefore you cannot register them as a trademark. Which can be a loss for your business. Therefore, Canva also doesn’t recommend using Canva logo templates for businesses.

The Canva logo is covered by copyright and trademark laws. This indicates that you cannot use the Canva logo without Canva’s written consent. Legal action might be taken for doing so.

Are Canva logos free for commercial use?

As we all know Canva says that its “ free images, music, and videos are free for commercial and non-commercial use ”. So, you may have a question arise in your mind “Is it also valid for the Canva logo?” 

So, let me explain the Canva licensing agreement to you, that way you may decide whether or not the Canva logo is free for commercial usage. 

According to Canva licensing terms, the designs you create in Canva are free for Commercial and non-commercial use However, it doesn’t permit reselling or redistributing a design containing free content stand-alone. If you are using pro content you have to pay for a license which comes with one-time validation. It also prohibits the use of any free library content as part of a design mark, service mark, or business name as such. 

Because if you use their free or paid content library items then your logo design can’t be protected under trademark laws. Therefore if you are thinking of creating logos for commercial use then as a graphic designer I should suggest please consult with your client and ask them about their furniture goals regarding the logo. 

Please, Refer to Canva official licensing and trademark pages for more details

You get a basic non-exclusive license to use the Canva Template and the components from the free or premium Content Library for your creative works. This means that every Canva user can use and customize the templates to suit their needs, which is why the logo made using the in-app media material cannot be registered as a trademark. 

However, there are two methods through which the logo created in Canva does not face the trademark registration issue. 

  1. Canva suggests you can create a logo from scratch with basic shapes and lines to avoid license and trademark issues.  
  2. You can upload elements created by you to assemble your logo in Canva. This way you can claim your exclusive right toward those elements you used in your logo.

You might be wondering whether to utilize Canva to build a logo since there are certain issues if I produce one through the platform. 

If I Simply put it, that will depend on how you are going to use that logo. If you are planning to use it for your business or for commercial use. In both cases, there are numerous limitations you might encounter. So, as a graphic designer, I’d strongly advise speaking with a branding specialist. You can check out why graphic designers should avoid Canva

The Canva logo template can be a good beginning point if you are not utilizing these logo templates as your company’s final logo design or if you are still figuring out your brand identity style and are okay with the non-exclusive license provided by Canva. 

You may design logos and experiment with the color pallets to see which style best suits your brand. You can then use these logos as a guide to explain your idea for the logo to branding professionals and get their advice. By doing this, you can expedite the process of creating the final logo for the creator.